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Handicapping posting in Ohio is done between March 15 and October 31st. During that time, the ball will be played as it lies. There are times when weather conditions create a situation when winter rules must be adopted. Any other local rules will be posted and placed on tournament rules sheets prior to play. If and when these extreme conditions call for winter rules, scores should still be posted.

USGA Rules Govern All Play
The purpose of the USGA handicap system is as follows:
1. Provide fair handicaps for all players regardless of ability or where the game is played.
2. Reflect each player’s potential ability and recent scoring trends.
3. Automatically adjust a player’s handicap up or down as his game changes.
4. Disregard freak high scores that bear little relation to the player’s true ability.
5. Make it difficult for a player to abnormally affect his handicap in one revision period.
To understand the handicap system, keep this in mind: A player’s handicap reflects his/her “CAPABILITY”, rather than their ability.
The USGA uses the best 10 out of the last 20 handicap indexes to compute your handicap. The maximum handicap index for Men is 36.4 and for Women it is 40.4. A minimum of 5 posted scores is required to compute a handicap.
All scores will be posted by the golf shop staff. It is assumed that the player has attempted to make the best score possible on each hole played and during each round played. MVGC is a member of the USGA GHIN handicap system. Any other questions regarding the handicap system can be answered by the golf shop staff. Equitable stroke control charts are posted in the locker rooms and Golf Shop for your assistance.

The club is designed for use primarily by the members, however, we encourage you to bring guests to
experience our wonderful golf club. In most cases, it is necessary for a guest to be accompanied by a member while at the club.

With a few exceptions, a member may bring up to three guests at a time. If you need to sponsor a larger group at the club, special consideration may be given by the Board of Trustees and/or the Golf Professional. A member may sponsor a group of up to 19 guests on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, with arrangements made through the Golf Shop. Member sponsored groups larger than 20 people will require Board approval.

Upon scheduling your day with your guests, it is helpful to give the golf shop staff sufficient notice so that we might entertain your guests’ needs properly when they arrive. We want them to feel welcome and at home when they come to Miami Valley, and letting us know in advance will help us to accomplish this.

Prior notice allows us to notify the front gate of your guests’ arrival time.

Your guest can place his or her bag at the bag drop area in the parking lot. They can ring the bell and our staff will take care of their clubs from that point.

Our staff will clean your guests’ clubs before and after their round if desired. If your guests are playing here for consecutive days, we can store their clubs for them.

Please register your guest(s) in the Guest Book in the golf shop.

Junior guests must abide by normal MVGC Junior rules.

Guest Restrictions

During the golf season, members may entertain one guest on Saturday and Sunday mornings between 8:00a.m. and 10:00a.m. After 10:00 a.m., 3 guests per group will be permitted.

Guests are not permitted to play in holiday events.

Guests are not permitted between 12:00 and 1:00 on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Guests residing within 50 miles of Dayton are permitted to play golf twice a month during the season.

Guests residing outside of the 50 mile radius of Dayton are permitted to play golf unlimited times during their stay in the Dayton area.

Members are responsible for proper dress, etiquette and speed of play of their guests.

Members are responsible for all fees and charges for their guests.

Guest Fees:

In season: 9 holes

18 holes or more




(excluding outings)

9 or 18 holes $30
Off season 9 or 18 holes $30

Dress Code for golf:


  1. Shirt with collar and sleeves
  2. Slacks (No blue jeans)
  3. Shorts at least 16” long
  4. Proper footwear (No metal or ceramic spikes)


  1. Shirt suitable for golf (No tank tops)
  2. Slacks or skirts (No blue jeans)
  3. Shorts at least 16” long
  4. Proper footwear (No metal or ceramic spikes)

Starting procedures: 

Other than major events approved by the Board and/or Golf Committees, Miami Valley does not have tee times. We are proud of this tradition as it permits us to almost always put a member on the golf course and also helps us find a member a game when he or she would like to play.

We feel a great deal of responsibility in the golf shop to help you arrange your golf days, and if we know in advance of your plans, we can do that more effectively. A call to the golf shop (278-7381) will always help us service your golfing needs better. We are here for you, it’s your club, and if you ever feel as a member that it was difficult getting on the golf course, please let us know.

On busy days there will be a starter in the gazebo on the first tee. When all three or four players of a group are present, they may give their names to the starter for a position on the tee. Again, all players of a group must be present for the starter to accept your name. Singles or twosomes will be assisted by the starter or the golf shop staff in finding additional players.

It is our policy to inform the membership of all special events during the golf season. Please use this book and make yourself aware of the schedule should it conflict with your golf plans. We will also notify the membership regularly via email of upcoming events. Make sure we have your current email address. There will also be notices placed throughout the club well in advance of any major event.

In unusually crowded times, with permission from the starter, groups may start from #10 tee. Groups on the 9thhole will have the right of way on #10 tee. A group starting on #10 will be given a time on #1 tee. The 10th tee will open at approximately 8:00 on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

No more than 4 players will regularly be permitted to play during the golf season, April 1st– September 30th. Special events and off – season play may include more than four players in a group, provided permission from the golf shop has been given.

Social Member Golf Privileges:

During the golf season, social members may play golf twice a month during the appropriate guest times as stated in the guest policy.

A guest fee will be charged to the member’s account based on the time of year the social member plays. During the off-season, social member play is unlimited.

A social member’s child is eligible and encouraged to participate in the Junior Golf Program. After the age of 12, a membership must be taken out and fees paid to the club.

Social members may use the practice facility all year for a fee of $100.

Social Member greens fees will be $30, on or off season.

Member Sponsored Groups:

Miami Valley Golf Club is an excellent place to hold charitable events, company tournaments or any member sponsored group. Along with our excellent clubhouse facility, we can provide your event with the best golf experience in the Dayton area.

The Golf Professionals and the Clubhouse Manager work together to provide a schedule of these events that serve our members’ needs while, at the same time, not adversely affecting our normal play.

Please use your club as much as possible for these functions. As stated before, large groups require Board approval, and you should contact the Golf Shop for scheduling. See club by-laws or contact the golf shop for regulations governing these groups.Important Golf information……….

Lost and Found:

All lost and found items should be turned in at the front counter of the golf shop. If properly identified, the items will be immediately returned to the owner. Other items will be placed in our lost and found area.


We take messages very seriously in the golf shop. Any non-emergency message will be taken care of and delivered to the member or guest as soon as possible. Emergency messages, naturally, are handled immediately. Always notify the golf shop staff when you are at the club so that we can do this part of our job properly.

Lightning Policy:

For the safety of all players, the staff will sound the warning siren when dangerous weather is approaching. At this time, all players must vacate the golf course immediately and not return until given the all clear by the golf shop staff.Shelters are located east of #3 green, south of #9 and #17 tees.

Pace of Play:

Very simply, if you familiarize yourself with our starting procedures and keep up with the group in front of you, there will never be a problem with slow play. Naturally, golf lends itself at times to lost balls etc. and there can be unusual circumstances that make it hard to keep pace. It is our job in the golf shop to monitor play at all times, and we feel strongly about this responsibility.

Any round of golf over 4 hours at Miami Valley is too slow and we will work hard with all of our members to see that time limit met. Let us know in the golf shop when there are problems on the course, and our professional staff will do everything possible to help speed up play.