Course Rules

Rules of Play
Handicapping posting in Ohio is done between March 15 and October 31st. During that time, the ball
will be played as it lies. There are times when weather conditions create a situation when winter rules
must be adopted. Any other local rules will be posted and placed on tournament rules sheets prior to
play. If and when these extreme conditions call for winter rules, scores should still be posted.
USGA Rules Govern All Play
The purpose of the USGA handicap system is as follows:
1. Provide fair handicaps for all players regardless of ability or where the game is played.
2. Reflect each player’s potential ability and recent scoring trends.
3. Automatically adjust a player’s handicap up or down as his game changes.
4. Disregard freak high scores that bear little relation to the player’s true ability.
5. Make it difficult for a player to abnormally affect his handicap in one revision period.
To understand the handicap system, keep this in mind: A player’s handicap reflects his/her “CAPABILITY”, rather than their ability.
The USGA uses the best 10 out of the last 20 handicap indexes to compute your handicap. The maximum handicap index for Men is 36.4 and for Women it is 40.4. A minimum of 5 posted scores is required to compute a handicap.
All scores will be posted by the golf shop staff. It is assumed that the player has attempted to make the best score possible on each hole played and during each round played. MVGC is a member of the USGA GHIN handicap system. Any other questions regarding the handicap system can be answered by the golf shop staff. Equitable stroke control charts are posted in the locker rooms and Golf Shop for your assistance.
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