Board of Trustees

Neil Hazel President  
Jim Herbig Vice President  
Christa Davies Secretary  
Dave Sipos Treasurer  
Jeff Slyman Legal Counsel  
Tom Witt Membership  
Christa Davies Entertainment  
Chuck Haught Pool  
Bud DeWitt Golf  
Mike Dungan Grounds  
Bob Stemper House  
 Bob Gutmann


Mary Anne Dudon LGA 18 – Chairperson 274-1337
Sandy Reed LGA 9 – Chairperson 898-0368
Ross Shira Invitational Chairperson 898-7817
Tom Maio Invitational Chairperson 836-4555
John Barron Member – Member Chairperson 832-7085
Bud DeWitt Member – Member Chairperson 274-8573
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